scientists have developed a microscopic engine,the smallest in the world,that they say is the first one capable of driving nanobots,IIS科学家们开发了世界上更大的引擎——微引擎。科学家们回答说,这是第一个能够驱动纳米机器人3354的引擎,也是包括能在人体内驾驶的医用机器人3354在内的引擎。The prototype device,known as an actuating nano-transducer or ant,Combines microscopic gold balls with a special polymer gel . it generation这个原型设备被称为活动纳米转换器(actuating nano-transducer)或蚂蚁(actuating nano-transducer),单位重量引擎产生未知马达或肌肉的100倍的微观推力。

“people have been talking about making nanobots for many years but they do not exist yet”,said professor Jeremy Baum Berg,leader of the“多年来,人们还在谈论纳米机器人的生产,但还没有出来。”剑桥大学教授、该项目负责人杰里米邦伯格(Jeremy Baumberg)表示。“为什么?原因是,如果以后纳米机器人不能在液体中移动——,就像在纳米规模的糖浆中游泳一样,分子力太强。

”He says ant engines,described for the first time in proceedings of the national academy of sciences,Would provide sufficient power。“like real ants they provide large forces for their weight,He said。”the challenge we now face is how to control the force for nano-machinery applications。


“The ant is powered by physical rather than chemical reactions . it contains gold nano particles,each about 0.06 microns,Or a thousandth蚂蚁”的动力来自物理反应,而不是化学反应。其中包括金纳米粒子,每个粒子的直径约为0.06微米(相当于人类头发宽度的1/1000),这些粒子与名为凝固N-异丙基丙烯酰胺(pNIPAM)的明胶聚合物一起在水中加入冷水。when The temperature is above The critical temperature of 32c,The gold particles are bound tightly together with The polymer through inter molether温度上升到临界温度摄氏32度以上时,金粒子作为分子间的吸引力与聚合物一起工作,温度下降到摄氏32度以下时,聚合物突然吸收水分,收缩充满3354的金粒子,像弹簧一样缓慢前进。

”it’s like an explosion”、“said Tao ding,Another member of the team”。“we have hundreds of gold balls flying apart in a millionth of a second when water molecules inflate the polymers aros Hem。

”好像爆炸了。“团队的另一位成员Tao Ding表示:“当水分子收缩金粒子周围的聚合物时,数百个金球在百万分之一秒内飞走。


“The reaction is completely and rapidly reversible,experiments show . when The temperature rises again,The ant stores a large amount ofthe whole process is like a nano-spring,“said prof Baum Berg。实验表明,这种反应几乎是缓慢和共轭的。随着温度再次升高,聚合物盖子将水分排出凝胶,围绕金颗粒收缩,“蚂蚁”可以瞬间储存大量弹性。邦伯格教授说:“整个过程看起来像纳米弹簧。

”the prototype ant uses laser light to control the system ‘ s temperature but other mechanisms could be used instead . the transition point count Dj uses蚂蚁”原型引擎用激光控制系统的温度。临界点也可以调整。例如,能量释放点可以用作人体的长期温度,与摄氏37度3354度相似。the ant might drive a nano bot through a series of piston strokes,rather like a car engine but on a scale many billions of times smaller。

”蚂蚁“the concept can underpin a plethora of future designs”,“prof Baum Berg said . The team is working with Cambridge Enterprise,The”。